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Here's a letter from ABOVE...
Please read and be patient with this,
I scratch my head in confusion as I try to figure out my words? I have a hard time asking for assistance and support. This is one of my own character flaws and something that I am slowly getting more comfortable asking, as I grow older. As you may or may not know by now I have been living in California since my move From Paris some 2+ years ago. Since my transition back to the United States I have been longing for another European Experience.

Two weeks ago I bought a plane ticket Back over to Europe. I will be flying into Gatwick airport (London) on May 29th, less than 110 days from now. I have been infatuated with Most of the major European cities, with the city of Barcelona grabbing my attention most. The plan of attack is this, I start my travels in London and Finish in Barcelona. I have goals and visions of living in Barcelona for an indefinite amount of time. Sounds pretty easy, right? This is where I must reach out to you and ask for your support.
My game plan is to Travel from one major city to another, and country to country stopping along the way and creating art in each city for any given amount of time.
I�m going to feel within and follow the flow of opportunities that develop along the trip. What I ask of you is this, I would like to connect with Trustworthy, Artistic, and fun individuals that could introduce me to their city, Show me around, maybe even put me up in their flat/house? Perhaps you are that person?! Maybe you know a group of people who are supportive of this type of venture and optimistic challenge and dream? Whatever the case may be I�m looking for any type of connection, and contact that may prolong my experiences in each city.
I respect our relationship together and regardless of your involvement I am glad that I have someone like yourself to ask and call upon in this situation. Life passes quickly. I value most in life my family and friends, You being a part of that group. I welcome any and all information and connections that may assist this dream. Rise Above and Feel Within!
Here is a list of cities I have intentions of spreading my vision and optimistic perspective within.. If you know people in any of these cities that could help please forward them this message to read. Feel free to spread, or post this open call for support.

...So there it is.

ABOVE's website
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dstruct slave statue
the dstruct crew from nederland push the boundries with an excellent action outside a tax office somewere in holland, check the foto sequence
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sticker time, stickers that tell u the time.
a future technology in process is a sticker that tells you the time. imagine that, an imagine what else you will be able to do with stickers
sticker time
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Many of you use it to show your own works or that from others:

Now, they are in trouble. They need more than $70,000 dollars to stay alive.

Donate and keep alive!
Yes! I make a donation!
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sw | the war is over
stickerwar is over, for now its time for peace, just don't let your guard down, we are among you!
rebal forces are building!

go see the last 19 months of war.
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a nice batch of new pictures uploaded on stickerwar site from argentina, brasil, thialand, ilatly, london, new york, france, holland and more.
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Check this out... wanna learn how to beatbox?
Check the tutorial!

BTW also very nice design.
How 2 beatbox
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B-Boy Documentary
Some funky fresh shit coming out check this film / documentary - The Freshest Kids. The History of the B-Boy!
The Freshest Kids
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fresh mag called refill
found this little gem, a top quaility street art type of mag, a bit designerish but cool as mustard!
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