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London calling
ok now i know how it feels to be a choc ice...its so cold here in London it feels like my life is set inside a giant freezer...but thats OK because at the moment theres quite a few shows on that are keeping me warm by letting me in let me stand next to a warm radiator while sipping on my whiskey laced thermos admiring the fine art.
Last night i went to see a show called 'Supermundane' which is a show of intricate maze like pyschadelic drawings which are all great and involve your constant attention. All really good and in the great SEA gallery in clerkenwell.
Tonight is the opening of Pictures on walls annual 'Santas Ghetto' (this is the third i think ive been to now), which are always great fun, in a scummy, pissed on mummy why has santa got a needle, kind of way. The grime-ier the better in my opinion, and these shows always please. The pictures on walls bring their fantastic rosta of artists to come and represent, including david shrigley (as well as banksy, fowler, 3d, eine, sickboy,dface etc) so you know shit is watertight.
Tomorrow nights show is the first show of London graf and stickerer blam, at the royal george pub off charing cross road (if you get off at tottenham court road, go towards leicester sq, its the first turning on the right after the astoria). Boy is hardcore so i reckon the show will be pretty great - i remember at finders keepers 02 he got caught doing a piece in kings cross, smacked a police man, got caught, came the next night night to finders keepers, took off his police issued sweatshirt, painted on it and put it in the show! good guy, and always got a smile....
oh and dont forget the awesome something else show below phonica records on poland st...super dope stuff. And in the east is scrawl VS no.17 and dreambags...alexone, nano, microbo bo130,matt sewell, jago, will barrass...need i say any more?
see you guys next to the radiator - and bring more whiskey!
supermundane, anything but
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dave the chimp VS bombers
a nice little interview has just gone online with my boy dave the chimp, go check it out if you like the good stuff....

PS in january chimp and kabe - part of east londons 243 support skate crew, are putting on a DOODLEDANG show at the dragon bar...DOODLEDANG is a dope doodle zine they put out, and in past issues have featured artists like flying fortress, gomes, ronzo, mysterious al, d*face etc etc.The plans for the show are top secret but sound dope and the opening party will have some very cool guest djs (wink wink hint -chimp new posters) so consider yourself pre-warned!

drunken chimp style
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Adam Neate VS 55 DSL
once again 55 dsl in Londons Soho caused a road block last night for the opening of their new show - Adam Neate.
55 DSL have been constantly putting on shows by great artists, making them no brainer must sees, and adams isnt diffrent...From the brightly coloured outside to the many cardboard pieces inside, adams truly kicked the shit out of the store and left it amazing, absolutly amazing.
The thing with adam is the range of styles that guy has. If youve never seen how varied his works are check his site, but its always better to see his stuff in the flesh, so please, go see this show. From moody black and white to colourful abstract, its just crazy. The works arent huge and are on cardboard, but like all good art, its whats on them that counts, and with this show adams is hotter than Lava
PS big shout out to the vodka lady at the store that always serves me, and last night rather than refusing me more free booze just politely asked me "please dont puke on the clothes"....thank you and your the best! although my liver might not agree....
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something else
dropping on the 25th of november is a group show of the finest female (street)artists around. Its gonna be in London, at phonica record shop on poland st. I havent been there for a show, but apparantly blek le rat is showing there, so someone there has great taste!!!
this show features swoon, nuria and miss van to name a the stuff is gonna be super hot.
god bless you girlie girls
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great little video
if you got a spare few minutes, please check out this impressive little of stickers and graf should love it
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HNT updates
just letting you know, that the parisian underground dwelling, fred perry sporting, jam listening bad boy has updated his site. Prepare for the usual goodness...underground tunnels, grimey vandals, decadant parties and east europe...awesome stuff
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double YEAH!
one of europes best has finally launched his full site, and its so so good!!!
Bee Free has always been one of my favourites, i love his colorful trippy monsters and illustrations, and if youve never been exposed to his stuff, then nows the time to catch up!
Its raining in london and the skies are grey, but he certainly has put some colour into my day, so head over if you need some brightening up!
Bee Free Fabulous
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ONG show en spain
man o man, i love ONG.
anyone who has ever been to barcelona will have never been able to escape an ONG piece or a tofu pax tag somewhere in that catalan city of dreams.
They are like the spanish basquaits using paint in such a raw way to create pieces that blow me away, with colors, drips, slogans to create pieces that are so primal and the opposite to anything else i see being done in europe or the world. Some people wont like it, they probably like smooth graphic design influenced stuff, cos ONGs stuff is some serious shit when experiance first hand...
these guys are plain rugged, while your booting up your computer to work on adobe illustrator, theyre tagging your house, your neighbours house and your pet cat.
These guys are the real deal when it comes to bombing and painting. follow the link and if your local check it out, if you cant make it, whenever your in barcelona take in the year round show they have on many of the streets there. its worth it

also check ....
ONG show
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Phil Frost VS DJ Shadow...
need a new jacket for the looming rainy season? how about a team up battle of dj shadow VS phil frost (sparked from the pre emptive strike LP)....
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If your in Europe and cant get to paris for the nusigns show, or manchester for all the goodness happening there, then may i suggest heading to London?
Why? well theres a few good things to see at the moment....
First up is the new banksy statue (see Doms post below). It aint been a good week for him (with him being unmasker), and he isnt everyones cup of tea, but if you like his stuff head to clerkenwell for the statue.
Then theres the 'Moving units' show [] which will be nothing less than awesome....skateable sculptures on southbank, headshoppe live, and art feat gomes, neate, ben sansbury, pete fowler to name but a few.. so so good.
Then theres 55 DSL on newburgh st, which is launching [with a party tonight - invite needed, check the 55dsl site] their new show by jon burgermann. if you dont know who he is, shame on you, go check his site, but for me to sum it up, its gonna be great, no ifs or buts and i cant wait....and then on the other side of town, in darkest old st, theres the dreambags crew being taken over...the cafe will be taken over, as well as the bar 'dreambags...' by various artists and then at no 17 kingsland road, pure evil is celebrating all things evil, with film screenings and new work.....and then hitting soon - next week?, is the upperplayground tour - london police, galo (SKIN UP), david choe, sam flores (i think), jeremy not only is the weather hot in london but the calender as well...enjoy!
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