Feature by Roller :: Thursday, January 08, 2004
This is the unedited full fat version of the feature in Blowback magazine.
When was the Buff Monster born? Who created him? What is his purpose?
The Monster was born three years ago in the streets of LA. There was too much graffiti and not enough pink. Something needed to be done.

Whatís the Buff Monsterís favorite location in LA?
Hollywood is good. The Monster favors any part of the city that has lots of traffic. Youíre always bound to find the mark on La Brea, Fairfax and La Cienega.

Who / what inspires the Buff Monster?
Porn, ice cream, metal and graffiti are key. You can never have enough pink mounds. Itís all about MORE.

Can the Buff Monster tell me a bit about the sticker scene in LA and the US, in general?
The sticker scene in LA (if there is one) doesnít hold my interest. European street artists love stickers, but I donít see the same enthusiasm for them here. Theyíre too easy and too small. Iíd rather make big fucking posters.

Does the Buff Monster always appear solo?
I used to have a steady poster partner. Now itís all about the Monster. I have a few friends who are down to stay out late and help with the cause.

Who does the Buff Monster dream in collaborating with?
I like it to be my way. But since I have creative friends, its bound to happen. If Takashi Murakami or Louis Vuitton came knocking, Iíd do something with them.

Can the Buff Monster share some of his techniques with us?
Go to a big discount retailer, buy all the super glue they have in stock, and empty all those little tubes in a bucket. Grab a big brush and youíre set. Nothing comes close!

Does the Buff Monster have a day job? Maintaining a presence on the streetsÖ

If the Buff Monster were writing a personal ad in the newspaper, how would he describe himself?
Bold, happy, and loves late night activities and ice cream. Looking for same.

What does the Buff Monster eat for breakfast?
Vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top.

Is the Buff Monster dating anyone?
The Monster loves girls. And he loves them on his terms.

Does the Buff Monster wear boxers or briefs?
They donít call me buff for nothing.

Whatís the Buff Monster favorite basketball team?
The LA Lakers, but only if theyíre playing in the finals. Otherwise, itís all shiite.

Is the Buff Monster going to run for governor of California in the next elections?
Well, Iíve got a good poster campaign going. But Iím not about to work with those chumps.

The Buff Monster recently traveled to TokyoÖ What was the experience like? Tokyo was fun. Lots of sushi and warm tea from vending machines, and mochi everyday. The Monster popped up all over Shibuya and the surrounding areas.

Where else, outside of LA, can we spot the Buff Monster?
The Monster pops up in other places, but LA really is the mothership. Itís really got to be a big important place to peak the interest of the monster in any serious way. If you want to know, the Monster has been seen as far out as Thailand.

Does the Buff Monster have any upcoming shows or future plans?
Itís all about making more things to put out there. I paint live and fall into shows more often than imagined. Iíll have another serious show later this year. Just check Buffmonster.com, everything you need to know is on there. Other than that, a very select few places will carry one of a kind Buff Monster clothes.

Lastly, any shout outs?
I sincerely appreciate all that have helped with the cause. Thereís a lot of work to do, and lots of people to thank. I hope they know itÖ

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